Stream Update | May 25th, 2020

It seems as though I’m doing these updates on Mondays, now.

So… some good news, in the event you haven’t heard on my last few streams: I’m going back to work! This means the 10am streams are no longer going to be a thing, at least during the weekdays. I hope to be able to continue my evening streams from here on.

That being said, starting tomorrow at 8pm Eastern Time, I’ll be going live with more World of Warcraft goodness.

Otherwise, it’s going to be great to get back to work, while I’ve been enjoying the life of a full-time streamer, it’s great to be able to be out and about producing content again. For clarity: I’m not out dealing with the public in any way. I’m also in a studio with less than 9 other people.

Anyway, this week is going to be interesting, and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, I’ll get some drone flying in, too!

Just Another Saturday Night

I’m just sitting here at my desk, thinking about things while I’m waiting on Da Vinci Resolve to export some video from today.

I’ve been thinking about how I’d like to start working on making my office a little more audio friendly, but I’m not sure where to start. My office is where I stream, sometimes do some photography, and will occasionally record audio for videos, or even podcasts. If you’ve seen any of my streams, you’ve probably heard some of the echo that goes on in this room. Other than my desks, the room is very empty, overall. So, putting up some aesthetically pleasing audio paneling wouldn’t be completely out of the question. I am very much open to suggestions, if anyone has any.

On top of that, I’m thinking about how I kind of want to take a chance at being a Voice Over Artist. Again, if you’ve been watching my streams, I clearly enjoy reading things off and doing silly voices. That’s just me. I’m the kind of guy that likes to read off the billboards as they’re going down the interstate. I would naturally need some sort of separate setup for that, since it needs to be 100% perfect, but I’m looking into how to kind of get my foot in the door.

I also just want to photograph a vehicle. I don’t know how exactly to say this, but. I miss it. It’s one of the things I’ve been missing this whole time. I’m an automotive junkie, in a way. Naturally, I could just go out and shoot my car or Sarah’s car. Easy peasy. But I’d love the kitted out, mods from top to bottom, blood sweat and tears under the hood builds. I’m thinking I might give away a free photo shoot. Of course, you’d have to either get me to you, or the vehicle to me (or the shooting location, rather), but that would be discussed later. Stay tuned for details on my official photography Instagram: Photic Media

PODCASTS! That’s right, I’ve done them a time or two. Well, Sarah and I have been talking, and it’s probably high time for us to bring back Let’s See a Movie. Especially now that we have all the time in the world to watch movies and such. It’s going to be the “At Home” edition, so we’ll be watching some older movies, and won’t be able to comment on any of the brand new movies or anything, buuuuuut, it’ll still be the same sort of fun you know and love. I’m also still in consideration of bringing the SpecialKolin Podcast back, for old time’s sake, but I’m still not sure what it looks like anymore. I suppose I could just do it and figure it out from there, but I want it to be worth while. Then again… ah… well… this post will just turn into me arguing with myself. It’ll happen, just give it some time.


Streams! I’m going to do an official post later, but streams are going well! I’m enjoying them a lot. I’m thinking I might dial them back a little bit, since I’m feeling super exhausted at the end of every day. So, we’re going to go from eight hours every day to six. I’m also considering taking Wednesdays off to make that a day to take care of other things, like podcasts and such. I legitimately feel like I’ve been working more since I’ve been furloughed, so I’d like to make sure that I still have a little bit of me time. Granted, I’m used to 12-hour days, but two of those hours are typically spent 100% alone in my car driving to and from work. I legitimately miss that, so I’m going to try to emulate that coming up. For me. You know.

Another thing, and I swear this is the last thing on my mind: support things! I uhh… don’t know exactly how to word this, and I know it’s probably difficult for many people to talk about it. I’m doing a lot of things in my life right now for free. I don’t exactly like the idea of putting something I do behind a pay wall, especially during this difficult times. That being said… I’m working on reassembling my Patreon, I have a photo gallery you can buy prints from, my Twitch channels now accepts subscriptions and cheering with Bits, and …you know… I am for hire to do photography and videography work (even if it’s just editing) as well as marketing things. I don’t know where I’m going with this… I’m probably going to have a more detailed thing put together in the near future.

I love you all. You folks have been nothing but amazing human beings. I’m looking forward to expanding the creation of things, and I continue to look forward to the future.

Thank you; for watching, listening, reading, chatting, or just hitting the like or retweet button. I literally couldn’t do this without you all.

August 7th, 2017

Well, clearly this whole posting once a day thing dropped off the map. Short version? Shit’s gone crazy at work, and I’ve effectively shut down. I’d love to go into detail and all that jazz, but I’d rather keep that stuff a little under wraps while I’m still figuring things out. Although, I will say that I feel as though I’ve been demoted, but whatever. 

For Sarah’s birthday this year, she and I got tattoos! They’re bunnies with doughnuts around their necks. Sarah’s is a lion head, which has slightly smaller ears, so for whatever reason people confuse hers for a Pok√©mon or whatever. With it being my second tattoo, it was an awesome experience, especially considering how sober I was in comparison to my first one. It was a little painful, but only near the top of my calf. I’ve started to plan out what kind of tattoo I want next, but I’m still unsure about the details, so don’t expect anything like that happening soon. 

Another thing I haven’t talked much about is I recently have gotten into the modern generation of console gaming! We got ourselves an Xbox One S, and I’ve been having way too much fun with Forza Horizon 3. It’s pretty much an automotive photographer’s dream for a video game. Okay, maybe not the perfect dream, but hey, you can drive any number of vehicles, and photograph them outdoors however you like. Oh, and you can race them, too! 

I’ve been posting photos I’ve shot in game to my Instagram Stories, and I’ve actually tricked a few people into thinking they’re actual vehicles, unintentionally of course. Overall, though, it makes me want to get out and photograph more. I have gotten a few requests to do some client work, which is awesome, but I feel bad about using my day job to directly fuel my business. That being said. Feel free to get in touch with me if you’re looking to get your vehicle shot!

Speaking of business ventures, I want to talk about… Attack of the Beards. It’s bothered me that I pulled the plug for months and months, now, and I would like to, I guess, zap a little life back into it. I have a small (huge) pile of client work to do, but once I have a moment of clairvoyance, I’ll start working on an actual plan on bringing it back, methinks. The end goal will be whenever we move into our house, since I’ll have a podcast set in the house itself. How does that sound to you guys? 

As for the house, our current progress is that we have our initial plumbing and foundation! I guess our issue that we’re working through now is that our builder is having a hard time getting money from the bank, so we can’t get the concrete block for the actual structure for right now, but, hey. At least we got a floor! Without walls, the house feels small, which slightly worries me, but I still remember how it was to walk through the actual house, and it feels better once it’s all done, I’m sure. 

It’s all baby steps, and we’ll get to our destination in no time. Until next time, not sure if it’ll be tomorrow or next freaking year, but be the best person you can be. 

June 8th 2017

This will be quick, as I am rather exhausted from the day. Rather, this week. I’ve primarily been moving heavy things around while intermittently taking photos. Awesome! 

On the other end of the spectrum, our land is clear-ish! We’ll be moving in tomorrow! Just kidding, they still need to do a whole heck of a lot! Bring in fill dirt, level the lot, some of the plumbing, foundation, walls, roof, innards, etc. meanwhile not completely losing our minds over decisions that need to be made. 

Other than all that, I REALLY need to kick all my SEMA planning into high gear. Usually about this time, I have some form of free time that I can research and write things up. I don’t even have a budget for a hotel yet, so that’ll be top priority tomorrow, maybe. If I can get a certain someone to call a certain someone about that like I asked earlier. (Work sub-blogging) 

Anyway, everything’s currently going pretty well, at least I’m trying to see the big picture of all the wackiness at work, and am definitely trying to keep everyone’s spirits up, as hard as that sometimes may be. 

Overall, though. Have a great day, you wonderful readers, you! Is that a new shirt? 

June 1 2017

Totally didn’t see June sneaking up on me, but here she is.

Today, I had the delight in assisting for the install video for a six inch suspension lift on a brand new F-150. When I say delight, just imagine me, a man who has (let’s face it) no upper body strength, making a serious attempt at holding an array of heavy things for an extended period of time. It went… well… I guess. So far, everything’s going according to plan, so that’s gotta count for something, right? We’re probably just past the half-way point, so we should be done fairly quickly tomorrow. 

After work, I photographed metal sculptures for a local artist that goes by Contrived Curiosities. He makes different animals out of seemingly ordinary and extraordinary items. As I’m shooting his various wares, I may also be shopping for a fitting lawn ornament for our house, whenever it’s done. 

Speaking of the house. I’ve been told that the excavators have already brought all their equipment to our lot, and are planning on starting tomorrow, clearing out all the trees and brush that we don’t want or need. Being that we’re practically surrounded by trees, we don’t really NEED any on our lot. However, were required to by the county to have somewhere between three and five trees. 

In the mean time; I’ve been keeping up with one of my daily tasks, meditating. Being that it’s after eleven and I still haven’t, today, is starting to bother me. Overall, though, it’s really been helping me clear my mind from the throubles of the day. I feel like I could probably make an entire post on where I’m at with meditating, but I’ll have to save that for another time. For now, I can just quickly suggest to any beginners to just try it out, and the Calm app is a really great way to start. Goodnight, everyone, and I hope I post again tomorrow.