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NC Trip – Day Two

Today was a little more rough on our bodies than yesterday. First, not only did we take the walk up to the top of Mount Mitchell, but we also did the three mile hike to Mount Craig and back.


By the time we reached Craig, we were definitely tired. Somehow, there was a man who was actually running the trail. Crazy! He was nice enough to take a photo of Sarah and I, and I took one of him in return. He said that he’s lived here for three years and had not ever been on the trail before.


On our way back, another lone hiker asked if she could join us on the way back. We all talked about various things, especially mushrooms. Apparently, there’s a type of mushroom that actually lactates, crazy! Unfortunately, she couldn’t find an example on the trail to show us, but it definitely made for good conversation and helped make the hike back go by faster.


By the time we got to the trailhead, we were starving, and got in the car and drove to the little restaurant in the park. There, we both went simple and had burgers, and watched as the clouds rolled over the mountains.

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NC Trip Day One

We’ve been planning this trip for years, now. I literally mean years. Sarah and I started dating five years ago, and we eventually wanted to go to North Carolina for our honeymoon. Well, this year, as we celebrate our 3rd anniversary, we’ve finally made it our little cabin in the woods.

After our 9 hour drive, we made it, and immediately slept in until about noon today. Once we got moving about we laced up our hiking boots and headed for Roaring Fork Falls.

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It was a nice little hike that we both enjoyed, and definitely got us ready for the rest of the adventures that are ahead of us for the next few days. From a photo gear standpoint, I’m glad I brought the Fujifilm X-T2 along. With its compact and light weight body and incredible image quality, it’s the best camera I’ve ever had on a hike.

SpecialKolin Podcast 8 | Oh No Fujidn’t

No video for this episode, unfortunately, but this week, join the conversation as I let it all out about:

  • Patreon
  • Canon’s latest camera, the 5D Mark 4
  • iOS 10
  • iPhone 7

Send in your questions, comments, or whatever to specialkolin@gmail.com or @SpecialKolin on Twitter, Instagram, all the things.

The Future of Attack of the Beards

After typing the title of this blog, I realized it makes it sounds like we might be shutting the site down, but I want to start by assuring everyone that I’m not. In fact, quite the opposite. 

Over and over, you keep hearing that we’ve got big plans, and we’re going to be doing more and more stuff. Being that I am directly responsible for the progress that Attack of the Beards makes, I apologize for taking so long. I am glad that I was able to get the shirt store up, at long last. Even now, I am hoping to design more shirts for the masses to enjoy. That’s not what I’m here to chat about real quick…

Attack of the Beards was never meant to be a one trick pony (Seth is very multi-talented, in fact). Having just one weekly show is actually killing me inside. Not literally, figuratively…okay, maybe literally… Look, I haven’t been to a doctor is years, who knows what’s going on in my body. 

This upcoming episode of the Attack of the Beards podcast will, in a way, be a test run for a podcast which is hosted by David in which Wrestling is discussed weekly. You also may have noticed that episode 25 of the BeardsCast was me on my lonesome, which is similar to how The SpecialKolin Podcast was usually done.

By the end of April, will there not only be the Attack of the Beards Cast, but there will also be weekly updates for the SpecialKolin Podcast, David’s still untitled Wrestling Podcast, and another untitled Magic the Gathering show hosted by me.  

Starting in May, given if these four shows are in full swing, we will be looking to possibly hire an editor, just to take some of the weight off my shoulders. This, however, has not been determined just yet, so don’t get too excited. 

In other news, if you follow my Instagram (http://Instagram.com/SpecialKolin) you might have noticed that I have starting to post many many more photos as of late. This is mainly because I have recently purchased a new camera, and it’s really gotten me in a good flow. I hope to have a full review on the camera soon for your ears and eyes to enjoys, so stay tuned for that. 

2016 is the year of content creation, and we are rocking it so far, and I only want to do better and better. I am achieving my goals thanks to all of you guys. Thank you all for your help and support through all of this. 

On Being 27 & Not Going Crazy

10855042_10203683586265677_5268003344863643637_oIt’s all too late! You’ve gone full crazy at 25! TURN BACK! TURN BACK!

The other night, I turned 27. Granted, I’ve only been 27 for three days, but I’m pretty sure I have a handle on how this year is going to be for me.

So far, the physical feeling of being older, is (naturally) no different. Every day is just another day, and only significant in our minds. That being said, my current mental state is one that is ready to burst. I feel as though 26 was a pretty stressful year. I can definitely say that I didn’t spend enough time to get everything out of my mind, so that my brain itself can actually relax.

In this upcoming year, I will be getting a lot more done, a lot less sleep, probably much more yelling, and maybe making some people who are really close to me upset.

Currently, I want to finish up with this quick little post so that I can make a play-by-play of what needs to be done with my favorite project right now: Attack of the Beards, which is a site dedicated to nerd culture, beer, and beards. Currently, we only are doing a weekly podcast, but I really really want everything to take off so we can do more things, like DnD campaigns, and have a legit studio, and more!

Major goals for this year are: Get a Studio (for Attack of the Beards and for Photography by Kolin), move out of our apartment and closer to Ocala (we’re looking to rent, but we’d like to buy), and buy a truck.

Anywhoooo, please stay tuned for more interesting goodness! For me, I’ll be heading over to Google Drive and typing a million things into a spreadsheet. Wooooo!

007 || Manic Depressive | Podcast

In this edition of the SpecialKolin Podcast, I’m feeling a little manic/depressive.

Two things I called:
– Nintendo patents a console that doesn’t have an optical drive
– Man cyber-flashes over AirDrop

Things I’m bummed about:
– My desires for an off-road vehicle
– family matters, to say the least.

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Podcast || Episode 6 || A Long Winded One

In this long-winded edition of The SpecialKolin Podcast, we talk about:

– The new Dragon Ball Z Movie (Resurrection F)
– iPhone Rumors
– Why I’m Not on Facebook
– What really constitutes as “fun” when it comes to an automobile

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The SpecialKolin Podcast || Episode 5

On this edition of the SpecialKolin Podcast, we talk about

– More bionic eyes!
– Mormon Delivery Service
– I got a new job!
– Cecil the Lion

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Podcast || Episode 004 – Hack Everything

After the strange disappearance of the third episode, it’s the rise of the fourth!

This week, we discuss:

  • Hackers hack hackingly into a Jeep Cherokee.
  • An elderly man gets a retinal implant.
  • 50 Cent is not broke
  • New stuff happening!

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