SKVLOG – March 26th – April 7th

A digest from the past couple of weeks. In this vlog, I talk about Podcasts, Ghost in the Shell, and my Twitch stream setup.

This vlog’s soundtrack:
Ryan Little – Power Trip
Broke For Free – Something Elated
Egg Nebula – Abstract Happiness
Revolution Void – Someone Else’s Memories
смерть в летнюю полночь – непредсказуемость
Resonancedj – Special K
Foniqz – Spectrum (Subdiffusion Mix)
Digi G’Alessio – Ekiti Son Feat Valeska – April DeeGee Rmx
Blank and Kytt – RSPN
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My Second Attempt at a Vlog

Without planning a single thing, I decided about halfway through our hike that I’d try to do a few vlogs. I only got two days worth of videos recorded, and then just stopped.

I’d also like to note that most of the footage was supposed to be in 4K, but as it turns out my computer (a 2012 MacBook Pro) is too old to render it out… this week.

I’m learning from my mistakes, so the next time I shoot one, it will probably work out better.

007 || Manic Depressive | Podcast

In this edition of the SpecialKolin Podcast, I’m feeling a little manic/depressive.

Two things I called:
– Nintendo patents a console that doesn’t have an optical drive
– Man cyber-flashes over AirDrop

Things I’m bummed about:
– My desires for an off-road vehicle
– family matters, to say the least.

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