Stream Update | May 25th, 2020

It seems as though I’m doing these updates on Mondays, now.

So… some good news, in the event you haven’t heard on my last few streams: I’m going back to work! This means the 10am streams are no longer going to be a thing, at least during the weekdays. I hope to be able to continue my evening streams from here on.

That being said, starting tomorrow at 8pm Eastern Time, I’ll be going live with more World of Warcraft goodness.

Otherwise, it’s going to be great to get back to work, while I’ve been enjoying the life of a full-time streamer, it’s great to be able to be out and about producing content again. For clarity: I’m not out dealing with the public in any way. I’m also in a studio with less than 9 other people.

Anyway, this week is going to be interesting, and I’m looking forward to it. Hopefully, I’ll get some drone flying in, too!

Stream Update | May 18th, 2020

Alright, so I kinda took today off. Mostly. Partially. I don’t know how to switch off, I guess. Call me Sergent Angle.

This week, we’re going back to our run of Zelda Games! Starting with The Twilight Princess HD on the Wii U. (speaking of which, did you know that the Wii U eShop still works? I didn’t, but I do, now!)

Twilight Princess is a wee bit long of a game, so it might take us a while to get through it. Either way, we’ll be going on through it starting tomorrow, Tuesday, May 19th starting at 10am, Eastern.

Wednesday will be our only different day, as usual, where the stream will start at 8pm.

Either way, be sure to tune it at or just as always.

Stream Update | May 11th, 2020

This week is going to be a little different, as we still try to figure out what all the stream looks like, and what works best for everyone. This week, we’re going to just continue with World of Warcraft since I’ve been enjoying it, and you all seem to be, too!

One other new semi-trial thing we’re going to do is move Wednesday’s stream from 10am to 8pm. Yup! A whole 10-hour time shift. I’m just wanting to be seeing how it all works out streaming at night, rather than first thing in the morning.

On Friday, I would like to have a bit of a Friday night hype time, and play Marbles on Stream, which is a little racing sort of game that we all can play over Twitch. That will take place on Friday at 8pm.

I’m trying out the later streaming time, so that I can try to accomplish other things during the day such as normal life stuff, but also shooting photos and videos for things like blog posts here or just neat things for YouTube aaaaandddd maayyyybeeee Podcasts??? I don’t know, but we shall see.

As always, all streams will be over on

And you can also support my endeavors at

I appreciate all of you, and look forward to another great week of streams!

Stream Schedule | May 4th

We’re jumping into our second month of streams. I can’t believe it!

We’re also about halfway through the (amended) Fictional Chronology of the Legend of Zelda series! We’re onto the end of the Defeated Hero timeline with… the first games of the series?

  • Monday – May 4th: The Legend of Zelda 10am – 3pm ET
  • Tuesday – May 5th: The Legend of Zelda 10am – 3pm ET
  • Wednesday – May 6th: World of Warcraft 10am – 2pm ET
  • Thursday – May 7th: The Adventure of Link 10am – 3pm ET
  • Friday – May 8th: The Adventure of Link 10am – 3pm ET

Obviously, just as always, nothing is 100% set in stone, as moving from one game to another depends on us finishing the first game, and I have no idea how long it’ll take to get through these games. I’ll also admit up front here: I’m not sure how far into these games we’ll get. They are both very early days video games and Zelda 2 is kind of considered to be the WORST of the Zelda games, so we’ll see?

As always, tune in every day at or at! I look forward to hanging out with you all!

April 13-17th | Stream Schedule

Watch live and hang out in the chat every day at

This is week two of full-time streaming! It’s going to be a little different, but I’m looking forward to it. We’re going to be playing through the Legend of Zelda series in chronological order. With… one small exception… Skyward Sword is a bit of a technical challenge. Not only do I not have it, but I also don’t have the Wii Motion Plus controller that it requires. That being said, we’re going to start with the Minish Cap! We might be able to finish the Minish Cap before the end of the week, too. If we do, we’ll move on to Ocarina of Time, skipping the other technically challenging game: Four Swords.

Also, starting Monday, I’ll be going live every day at 9am Eastern time.

Last but not least, we’re on the path to Twitch Affiliate! Which means we’re growing, and if we keep growing, we’ll be able to have subscriptions soon! So all those shares and retweets are very much appreciated!

I really want to thank everyone that’s been watching and/or chatting. Even if you’re just lurking, I still appreciate you! You’re all amazing!