NC Trip Day Five – The Reason We’re Here

Today, the 28th (although, it’s currently past midnight, so technically yesterday) is the precise reason we’re up here in North Carolina. Today celebrated Sarah and my third wedding anniversary.


I know, in retrospect, three years doesn’t seem like a big deal, but to us, while it seems like just yesterday we started on this journey, it also feels like we’ve always been together.

I’m going to skip all the mushy stuff, here. I could go on and on about feelings and whatever, but you’re here to read about our trip.

Today had one goal: steak dinner.

We had made reservations at the Sunset Terrace Restaurant at the Grove Park Inn over in Asheville. Quite literally an outdoor dining experience specifically set up to watch the sun go down behind the mountains as you’re eating.


We both had amazing steaks, I had a couple of the local brews, and we had a wonderful dessert (of course). The only thing that could compare to our meal was the stunning views from my seat. Of course the view of the sunset, but also my beautiful wife who never ceases to take my breath away.


After our drive home, we popped open a bottle of the same wine that we had the night of our wedding, put on some Top Gear, and talked about the future, which I can’t wait for.


In other news, I’m very proud to see that David and the gang all got to record an episode of the Attack of the Beards Cast in my absence! I think you probably should listen to it, which you can over at


PS: I’m sorry, but I’m not sorry for all the iPhone photos. If this was any event but my anniversary, I would have shot it with my real camera, but I didn’t want to divert my attention too much from whom really matters, so I only took a couple shots with my iPhone. Maybe next time.

NC Trip – Day Four

This evening’s update on our trip will probably be the most boring, at least to you folks at home. You’re probably just getting settled in after a long day working, just hoping for a glimpse at what the world outside of your own has to offer. Sadly, though, I do not have any photos or videos to offer you today.

Today (and tomorrow, for that matter) hasĀ been the absolute essence of what this trip is all about: relaxing and spending time with Sarah.

Because of all the walking and hiking that we’ve been up to as of late, we decided that today would be a good day to give our legs a rest, and just stay in. We watched the rest of season three of Bojack Horseman, and a couple Louis C.K. stand-up specials. Then, we drove into Burnsville and picked up some more milk and some lettuce from the local Ingles for dinner tonight.

I’ve been doing my best to avoid as much of the news on the presidential debates as possible, but of course it’s inevitable. The thing that I’m completely flabbergasted by is that people are actually believing the theory that the bulge in the back of Hillary’s outfit was an earpiece or a “cough-prevention” device. Clearly these conspiracy theorists never even payed attention, and completely missed the lapel mics that both candidates were wearing to reinforce the podium mics, which are awful half the time, so let’s face it, wireless lav mics are the way to go, unless you want some poor guy holding a boom mic above them for the entire duration of the debate.

I’m not one for politics, especially the circus which is the presidential election, so I’m going to stay out of it further unless something completely ridiculous like this happens again.

Anyhow, back to the real world; tomorrow is Sarah and my third anniversary. We have a reservation at a (fairly) fancy restaurant for dinner. It will be another calm and relaxing day. We will probably go for a quick drive, and just spend some time reminiscing in the past five years of our relationship. I’ll probably have another wordy post for you tomorrow.


NC Trip – Day Three

Today, we made our way to the Biltmore Estate. They seemed pretty strict about photos and video, but fortunately, I was able to loophole my way into taking all the photos I wanted.


After touring the mansion and the gardens, we went for dinner at a local BBQ place, which was alright, definitely no Southern Pig & Cattle. I always feel like I’m taking a risk when I’m trying a new food place.


After we ate, it started pouring down rain. Since it was too much like home, we decided to head back to the cabin and take it easy for the rest of the day.


NC Trip – Day Two

Today was a little more rough on our bodies than yesterday. First, not only did we take the walk up to the top of Mount Mitchell, but we also did the three mile hike to Mount Craig and back.


By the time we reached Craig, we were definitely tired. Somehow, there was a man who was actually running the trail. Crazy! He was nice enough to take a photo of Sarah and I, and I took one of him in return. He said that he’s lived here for three years and had not ever been on the trail before.


On our way back, another lone hiker asked if she could join us on the way back. We all talked about various things, especially mushrooms. Apparently, there’s a type of mushroom that actually lactates, crazy! Unfortunately, she couldn’t find an example on the trail to show us, but it definitely made for good conversation and helped make the hike back go by faster.


By the time we got to the trailhead, we were starving, and got in the car and drove to the little restaurant in the park. There, we both went simple and had burgers, and watched as the clouds rolled over the mountains.

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