My Internal Conundrum With My Camera

I own a Fujifilm X-T2. You’ve probably seen me talk about it or post photos from it a million and one times. As it turns out, I’ve had it for almost three years, now. It’s a really good camera, and I thoroughly enjoy using it. I’ve said many times that it out performs the former staple: the Canon 5D Mark 3, and I stand by that. It’s small, compact, and lightweight, and great for when you’re shooting for a long time or walking or hiking.

Then the Sony a7R III came out. It was announced just in time for our budget to come in where I work, and after reviewing the specs and the image quality, I said that we should get one. After all, we had been using the 5D mk 3 and a 7D for a long while, and it was more than time for us to upgrade.  Now, I knew there would have been an increase in image quality over the X-T2, after all, the a7R II had already been ranked as one of the top performing non-medium format cameras on the market AND it was a full frame camera.

I’ve now spent the past 6-ish months in the Sony mirrorless world, I’ve shot a few events and a lot of automotive and commercial things… you know… work. It’s working great! I’m surprised that I’m not missing the dials or the specific Fujifilm “look” (if you will). I have to say the number one thing that I cannot stand about the a7R III is that the files are massive. I mean, rightly so because they’re twice the quality of the X-T2’s, so I can only fit half as many photos on the same card. The first time I shot a wedding with the a7R III, I was panicking trying to dump photos onto my laptop periodically through the night. Meanwhile, I didn’t need to change out cards once with the X-T2 that event or pretty much any event I’ve shot. Excluding Desert Bus, of course. Overall, 300GB per event is a little scary.


Sony has released the a7 III. The a7 III has all the nice things about the a7R III and some of the nice things from the a9. It has the same megapixel count as the X-T2, which means smaller file sizes. It also has the newer type of battery from the a9, which means it’s been rated to have the longest battery life of all mirrorless cameras out there right now. It also has an autofocus system similar to the a9, which has AF points that cover most of the sensor. It’s also got the same design and button layout as the a7R III. It’s also been shown to have better low-light performance than the a7R III and shoot better video than the a9.

Basically… the a7 III is perfect for what I do.

My dilemma is this, however: While selling the X-T2 would give me the opportunity to buy the a7 III, I would also be ditching a really good camera. Buuuuuuuut, not only has my Gear Acquisition Syndrome been itching like CRAZY since the announcement, but I also have this wild theory (possibly enabled by G.A.S.) that, in my photographing, I don’t want to be limited by my gear. I don’t want to come back after a shoot or an event to blame any defects in the photos on the gear I was using. I don’t want to have any opportunity to say “well, if I had [whatever] this would have come out better.”

Before it’s said, I also do believe in the cliché of it doesn’t matter what camera you use, it’s about the person behind the camera. However, when you’re capable of doing well with a decent camera, imagine what you can do with a better camera, or even THE BEST camera? And yes, yes, yes, lighting is much more important than the camera you have, but I’m doing alright with light right now, considering that most of what I do with my personal work is with natural light and lighting modifiers. I could go on and on about lighting, too, but this is about cameras.

I dunno, this got a little rambly, and I’m not sure where to end it. So… how about support my Patreon so I can have my cake and eat it too?

Finding Balance and Task Management

I’m working on something. I don’t know if I’ve ever made it obvious that I’m wanting to build an Internet-based empire, and every time I’ve started working on it; I jump all in, full throttle, hard as heck. I’ve never eased my way in gradually into any of my solo endeavors, and I’d like to see what it’s like.

They say it takes 21 days to make a habit, so over the next month or so, I’m holding myself to posting once every day here on the blog and on Instagram. I’m hoping that it’ll get to the point where I’ll feel compelled to get this done every day and if I don’t I just won’t feel right, or something. It’s the same as with some of the other things that I already do, where I almost need to do them, and the day doesn’t feel right if I don’t. I’m not sure if I’m explaining it just right. For example, I do the video for my church every Sunday, and it’s gotten to the point where even the days where I don’t feel like getting up to do it, but I mentally feel the need to, even though there’s no consequences for me not.

With all the various things, I’m going to be keeping track of these little tasks that I’ll be doing every day with a newer (at least to me) app for task management: Todoist. I kind of feel like I would prefer to use Things, since I LOVED the older version, and now that they’re on version 3 of it, I can only imagine how amazing it is. However, it would be about $60 for me to get it on my iPhone and my laptop, which isn’t much for what it does, but I’m really trying to not spend any money since we’re still building this house (which I have been meaning to update everyone on, thanks for waiting on that!).  Todoist is free (ish) though, and does some similar things that Things does as well. It does have a paid tier, but I’m wanting to see how far I can take it without needing to pay. Of course, if I get to the point where I need to pay for it, I’ll probably just move back to Things.

Essentially, I’m trying to develop my own discipline without having anyone to answer to other than myself and, of course, you the audience. I guess it’s discipline and accountability. I’m very disciplined in everything else I do, but that’s because I’m held accountable by some sort of higher power. There’s more that I could go into on this, but it’ll get… confusing… or complicated… or both.

Anyway, what does all this mean? It means that streams will not be daily, vlogs will be… periodic (?), and podcasts will still be on hold for the time being. I’m going to probably work out some more details tomorrow, but it’ll probably end up being weekly streams and monthly podcasts and vlogs.

Of course, nothing’s set in stone just yet, I’m not even sure if time and energy will allow for anything to happen. Energy being the important key element, as I tend to over-estimate the number of spoons I have, and I hope in the future to be able to share the load with someone. This is all future stuff, so I’m going to stop focusing on that, and focus on right now, though.

And right now, I’m going to go to bed, since I’ve got work in the morning, and I’d like to be mostly alive for that.

Let me know what you think, though. Have you used an app like Todoist? Do you think taking things on gradually instead of all at once would be better for me?