April 6-10th | Stream Schedule

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This being the first time I’m actually putting a schedule to my streaming and adding some form of regularity, I must confess: this might not work perfectly. I do appreciate everyone’s patience, though, as I try to work this all out.

In the mean time, we’re going to start the week off a little slowly, and we’ll see where I all goes from there!

  • Monday, April 6th from 8am – 4pm – Animal Crossing: New Horizons
  • Tuesday, April 7th from 8am – 4pm – No Man’s Sky
  • Wednesday, April 8th from 8am – 4pm – CoD: MW Warzone
  • Thursday, April 9th from 8am – 4pm – Forza Horizon 4
  • Friday, April 10th from 8am – 4pm – MtG Arena

For those watching at home, you’ll notice that I don’t have much experience with Warzone or Magic as a whole. So Wednesday and Friday are going to be an experience.

Also, it’s probably worth noting that Animal Crossing is going to be a part of the stream every day.

Finally, I’m thinking of playing through all the Legend of Zelda games, chronologically (as determined by the Hyrule Histora) on stream. Let me know if this is something you all would be interested in, or if there are other series that would be of interest.

No Man’s Sky – You Can’t Take The Sky from No Man

Last night, I played No Man’s Sky for the first time in a while, but for the first time on a stream. There’s a lot to make fun of in this game, but I still enjoy it. I enjoy walking around and exploring the various landscapes. I’m hoping to start doing more streams, at least one a week or so. I’d like to know what you guys think of a weekly stream. Of course, it’ll be of various games, and nothing will really be constant, except for myself.

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