August 10th 2017

Hey. What’s up? How’s things going for you? I’m alright. Pretty sure I’m about to make a fool of myself at work, but whatever. 

I’m currently working on the Frankenstein’s Monster project that is Attack of the Beards. The future of Attack of the Beards will be as a podcast/vidcast/vlog/broadcast network. Initially, I think we’ll be focusing on getting content out, rather than focusing super hard on making everything perfect right out of the gate. This isn’t my normal approach, buuuuuttttt, baby steps, you know. 

Currently, I have five shows that the Network will probably feature, granted their pilots turn out well, and their feasibility is high as far as production time is concerned, we’ll move on with them. I’m keeping five more shows in my back pocket for the time being, one of which will probably never get made, since it literally has “asshole” in the title. 

Either way. This weekend, I’m going to turn the Patreon back on, and I’m going to finish up writing the formats for the shows, so that we have a template for how the shows will flow. I should probably actually finish writing the business plan, but, I’m not sure if I’m going to kickstart this or just stick to Patreon. 

We’ll see. My neck and head are completely relaxed. 

August 7th, 2017

Well, clearly this whole posting once a day thing dropped off the map. Short version? Shit’s gone crazy at work, and I’ve effectively shut down. I’d love to go into detail and all that jazz, but I’d rather keep that stuff a little under wraps while I’m still figuring things out. Although, I will say that I feel as though I’ve been demoted, but whatever. 

For Sarah’s birthday this year, she and I got tattoos! They’re bunnies with doughnuts around their necks. Sarah’s is a lion head, which has slightly smaller ears, so for whatever reason people confuse hers for a Pok√©mon or whatever. With it being my second tattoo, it was an awesome experience, especially considering how sober I was in comparison to my first one. It was a little painful, but only near the top of my calf. I’ve started to plan out what kind of tattoo I want next, but I’m still unsure about the details, so don’t expect anything like that happening soon. 

Another thing I haven’t talked much about is I recently have gotten into the modern generation of console gaming! We got ourselves an Xbox One S, and I’ve been having way too much fun with Forza Horizon 3. It’s pretty much an automotive photographer’s dream for a video game. Okay, maybe not the perfect dream, but hey, you can drive any number of vehicles, and photograph them outdoors however you like. Oh, and you can race them, too! 

I’ve been posting photos I’ve shot in game to my Instagram Stories, and I’ve actually tricked a few people into thinking they’re actual vehicles, unintentionally of course. Overall, though, it makes me want to get out and photograph more. I have gotten a few requests to do some client work, which is awesome, but I feel bad about using my day job to directly fuel my business. That being said. Feel free to get in touch with me if you’re looking to get your vehicle shot!

Speaking of business ventures, I want to talk about… Attack of the Beards. It’s bothered me that I pulled the plug for months and months, now, and I would like to, I guess, zap a little life back into it. I have a small (huge) pile of client work to do, but once I have a moment of clairvoyance, I’ll start working on an actual plan on bringing it back, methinks. The end goal will be whenever we move into our house, since I’ll have a podcast set in the house itself. How does that sound to you guys? 

As for the house, our current progress is that we have our initial plumbing and foundation! I guess our issue that we’re working through now is that our builder is having a hard time getting money from the bank, so we can’t get the concrete block for the actual structure for right now, but, hey. At least we got a floor! Without walls, the house feels small, which slightly worries me, but I still remember how it was to walk through the actual house, and it feels better once it’s all done, I’m sure. 

It’s all baby steps, and we’ll get to our destination in no time. Until next time, not sure if it’ll be tomorrow or next freaking year, but be the best person you can be. 

Aftermath and Moving Forward

This morning, I woke up. The sun was shining, the birds were singing. The ground was slightly damp. Nothing terrible happened to us here. However, all along the east coast there were high winds and loads of rain. It looked like most of St. Augustine was flooded, and some people were even seeing sea live in their front yards! Pretty crazy, if you ask me. I’m glad to hear that my family and friends are all safe, especially thanks to the check-in system on Facebook. However, I think the check-ins are a little preemptive, considering Hurricane Matthew could take a second swing at us, and there’s also Tropical Storm Nicole still making her way towards Florida. Either way, everything’s looking good for now.

Since I had to take today off, I couldn’t just sit idly by, so I got to work on figuring out what’s to come for me and my side hustles. I’ve got a basic production schedule not only for Attack of the Beards, but also for this site.

All that I’m trying to do is set something in stone, so that if there are ever any sorts of questions, I can answer them at the drop of a hat, especially when it comes to serving our patrons on Patreon.

Now, as you may know, a few weeks ago, I launched the Attack of the Beards Patreon page, which you can find at However, today I’d like to also announce my very own Patreon.

Now, in my head, me having my own Patreon doesn’t exactly make sense because of how poorly the Attack of the Beards is doing. No more lying about it, it’s there in black and white. We only have one person supporting us. On the other hand, I am a creator in my own right. I’m almost writing every day. I am taking photographs every day, and I’ll even be posting those every day, soon. Granted, of course, if all goes well with this campaign.

Pardon me for a moment while I open up a bit. All of this is not easy for me. I don’t like asking people for help. In fact, I do many things on my own, and I’ll be stubborn about it forever. Unfortunately, though, after having poured thousands of my own dollars into Net Nothing Media, with absolutely no return, I need to do something different. I’d like to think that there is at least one person out there who enjoys the things that I work on. I’d like to think that something that everyone sees as my little hobby that I waste my time and money on can actually move someone, can inspire a person. I’d like to think that my art, my photography, my view of the world around me, can be seen the way I see it by the people.

These pictures. These bundles of pixels, ones and zeros in a server in a closet somewhere in a nondescript warehouse on the west coast. They may not mean much to you, but even the slightest of feedback that I get from even just one of them, even if it’s negative, brightens my day; because it means that when they looked at the photo, it made them think.

By supporting me on my Patreon at you’re getting me one step closer to freedom. Freedom to do what I do best. Freedom to make my own choices, go wherever I need to go, so I can tell the stories of the world. So I can show people the things that they don’t normally see. I’m not doing this to get rich, I’m doing it to get free.

I don’t want to sound like I’m begging, and I don’t want to pressure people for money. I know it’s not easy out there. Fortunately, there are non-monetary ways you can support me or the Attack of the Beards. Tell somebody. Just share a link to either website: or It’s that simple. Put it on your Facebook, MySpace, Instagram, Twitter, whatever you’re into, and I will thank you a thousand-fold.

I should probably get to bed. It’s practically 2:30am local time, and I’ll be awake for almost 20 hours soon. For now, though, start to expect some great things. As long as I have the energy to do them, I’ll continue to create.

Thank you all. I appreciate each and every one of you. Especially if you read this all the way through. If there’s one thing I know, it’s that I can most definitely be long-winded, and I know that in this day and age it’s practically impossible to find a person who’s willing to read long, drawn-out pieces such as this. Your support, simply by reading all that I’ve written means the world to me. Thank you.

The Future of Attack of the Beards

After typing the title of this blog, I realized it makes it sounds like we might be shutting the site down, but I want to start by assuring everyone that I’m not. In fact, quite the opposite. 

Over and over, you keep hearing that we’ve got big plans, and we’re going to be doing more and more stuff. Being that I am directly responsible for the progress that Attack of the Beards makes, I apologize for taking so long. I am glad that I was able to get the shirt store up, at long last. Even now, I am hoping to design more shirts for the masses to enjoy. That’s not what I’m here to chat about real quick…

Attack of the Beards was never meant to be a one trick pony (Seth is very multi-talented, in fact). Having just one weekly show is actually killing me inside. Not literally, figuratively…okay, maybe literally… Look, I haven’t been to a doctor is years, who knows what’s going on in my body. 

This upcoming episode of the Attack of the Beards podcast will, in a way, be a test run for a podcast which is hosted by David in which Wrestling is discussed weekly. You also may have noticed that episode 25 of the BeardsCast was me on my lonesome, which is similar to how The SpecialKolin Podcast was usually done.

By the end of April, will there not only be the Attack of the Beards Cast, but there will also be weekly updates for the SpecialKolin Podcast, David’s still untitled Wrestling Podcast, and another untitled Magic the Gathering show hosted by me.  

Starting in May, given if these four shows are in full swing, we will be looking to possibly hire an editor, just to take some of the weight off my shoulders. This, however, has not been determined just yet, so don’t get too excited. 

In other news, if you follow my Instagram ( you might have noticed that I have starting to post many many more photos as of late. This is mainly because I have recently purchased a new camera, and it’s really gotten me in a good flow. I hope to have a full review on the camera soon for your ears and eyes to enjoys, so stay tuned for that. 

2016 is the year of content creation, and we are rocking it so far, and I only want to do better and better. I am achieving my goals thanks to all of you guys. Thank you all for your help and support through all of this. 

On Being 27 & Not Going Crazy

10855042_10203683586265677_5268003344863643637_oIt’s all too late! You’ve gone full crazy at 25! TURN BACK! TURN BACK!

The other night, I turned 27. Granted, I’ve only been 27 for three days, but I’m pretty sure I have a handle on how this year is going to be for me.

So far, the physical feeling of being older, is (naturally) no different. Every day is just another day, and only significant in our minds. That being said, my current mental state is one that is ready to burst. I feel as though 26 was a pretty stressful year. I can definitely say that I didn’t spend enough time to get everything out of my mind, so that my brain itself can actually relax.

In this upcoming year, I will be getting a lot more done, a lot less sleep, probably much more yelling, and maybe making some people who are really close to me upset.

Currently, I want to finish up with this quick little post so that I can make a play-by-play of what needs to be done with my favorite project right now: Attack of the Beards, which is a site dedicated to nerd culture, beer, and beards. Currently, we only are doing a weekly podcast, but I really really want everything to take off so we can do more things, like DnD campaigns, and have a legit studio, and more!

Major goals for this year are: Get a Studio (for Attack of the Beards and for Photography by Kolin), move out of our apartment and closer to Ocala (we’re looking to rent, but we’d like to buy), and buy a truck.

Anywhoooo, please stay tuned for more interesting goodness! For me, I’ll be heading over to Google Drive and typing a million things into a spreadsheet. Wooooo!