Okay, so I hate calling a shot before taking it, but…

My goal for 2022 is going to be to stream every day for at least an hour. That’ll be 365 streams in total, each live at kolin.live (which is twitch, which I’m in the process of changing the name on)

That being said, I hope to have a wide variety of things to stream, not just in the world of video games, but other things as well, considering that my life doesn’t always have space for me to be at my computer.

Anywho… 2020 was actually a very creative year for me, and 2021 was unfortunately not at all. So, the overall goal for 2022 is to be creative more often and with more effort.

I’ll have more brain stuff put together, but for now, I just wanted to get this “announcement” of sorts published and out there.

First stream will start tonight! Follow on all the things to be updated and such.

Love you all, let’s make 2022 an awesome year!