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This is week two of full-time streaming! It’s going to be a little different, but I’m looking forward to it. We’re going to be playing through the Legend of Zelda series in chronological order. With… one small exception… Skyward Sword is a bit of a technical challenge. Not only do I not have it, but I also don’t have the Wii Motion Plus controller that it requires. That being said, we’re going to start with the Minish Cap! We might be able to finish the Minish Cap before the end of the week, too. If we do, we’ll move on to Ocarina of Time, skipping the other technically challenging game: Four Swords.

Also, starting Monday, I’ll be going live every day at 9am Eastern time.

Last but not least, we’re on the path to Twitch Affiliate! Which means we’re growing, and if we keep growing, we’ll be able to have subscriptions soon! So all those shares and retweets are very much appreciated!

I really want to thank everyone that’s been watching and/or chatting. Even if you’re just lurking, I still appreciate you! You’re all amazing!