10855042_10203683586265677_5268003344863643637_oIt’s all too late! You’ve gone full crazy at 25! TURN BACK! TURN BACK!

The other night, I turned 27. Granted, I’ve only been 27 for three days, but I’m pretty sure I have a handle on how this year is going to be for me.

So far, the physical feeling of being older, is (naturally) no different. Every day is just another day, and only significant in our minds. That being said, my current mental state is one that is ready to burst. I feel as though 26 was a pretty stressful year. I can definitely say that I didn’t spend enough time to get everything out of my mind, so that my brain itself can actually relax.

In this upcoming year, I will be getting a lot more done, a lot less sleep, probably much more yelling, and maybe making some people who are really close to me upset.

Currently, I want to finish up with this quick little post so that I can make a play-by-play of what needs to be done with my favorite project right now: Attack of the Beards, which is a site dedicated to nerd culture, beer, and beards. Currently, we only are doing a weekly podcast, but I really really want everything to take off so we can do more things, like DnD campaigns, and have a legit studio, and more!

Major goals for this year are: Get a Studio (for Attack of the Beards and for Photography by Kolin), move out of our apartment and closer to Ocala (we’re looking to rent, but we’d like to buy), and buy a truck.

Anywhoooo, please stay tuned for more interesting goodness! For me, I’ll be heading over to Google Drive and typing a million things into a spreadsheet. Wooooo!