Well, we’re back in Florida. If I’m honest, it almost doesn’t feel like we’ve left. Almost as if we were just in a dream for the past week.

The vacation is just what I needed. I feel as though the time off has lifted a weight off my shoulders that’s just been building up over the past few years. Not that anything in my life is particularly stressful, but when you haven’t had time off to kinda just shut out the world as a whole, it starts to affect you.

Tomorrow, we go back to work, and I can say that I’m excited. Being able to take the step back and reacquaint myself with my art, and I feel like jumping back into the professional side of things will be smooth and easily done. I will be back and with a fervor.

I feel as though, now that I’ve had this vacation, I’m ready to take anything on, more than usual.